What is an early childhood partner?

Early childhood partners are local organisations we fund to deliver the early childhood approach. Our early childhood partners have teams of professionals with experience and clinical expertise in working with young children with development delay or disability and their families. We chose them as partners for their specialist skill-sets in early childhood intervention. They focus on delivering family-centred supports using a best-practice model. You’ll find them in most communities around Australia. If an early childhood partner is not in your area, we will support you to connect with alternative options depending on where you live.

Easy Read information is available:

It explains how to connect and work with an early childhood partner. It also includes details of how you can access The Telephone Interpreting Service, Teletypewriter (TTY) options and The National Relay Service.

Find an early childhood partner , or for further information Contact us , call 1800 800 110.

What do the early childhood partners do?

Early childhood partners can:

  • give you information about early childhood intervention supports and providers in your local community
  • connect you to your local mainstream and community services such as community or maternal and child health service, playgroup, childcare, parent support group, education options and recreation
  • use observation and assessment, with parent report, to understand the impact of your child’s delay or disability, but they don’t complete assessments for diagnosis
  • identify if your child will benefit from short term early intervention and, where appropriate, provide some short term early childhood intervention supports to help you and your child to work towards goals
  • identify if your child needs long-term specialised early childhood intervention supports, and then help you to request access to the NDIS and submit the required information and evidence
  • help you connect with best practice early childhood intervention service providers
  • monitor your child’s progress and support them to transition from the early childhood approach.

Early childhood partners also work to build the capacity of community and mainstream services such as childcare, to increase their awareness and ability to support children with developmental delay and disability. They focus on this because early childhood education and the opportunity to interact with other children is a critical factor in child development and wellbeing.

What happens if there are no early childhood partners in your area?

In some areas, we don’t have early childhood partners to deliver our early childhood approach.

Where partners are not available, you can speak with your doctor, maternal and child health nurse, or other health professional.

You can also contact your nearest NDIA office . For further information Contact us , call 1800 800 110.

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