List C: What if you’re receiving disability support in Western Australia?

We have an agreement with the Western Australian government to bring Western Australians onto the NDIS. If you’re receiving disability supports in Western Australia, you might already meet most of the eligibility criteria. We’ll send you a letter with all the details on how to apply.

The Western Australian government will let us know if you’re on a program for faster access to the NDIS. This is called a defined program .

If you’re on one of these programs, you need to show us that you:

  • are younger than 65 on the day you apply
  • live in Australia permanently
  • are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

We’ll let you know what evidence you need to give us when you apply.

If you show us you meet the above requirements, we’ll decide you’re eligible under the disability requirements.

Which Western Australian defined programs are eligible for the NDIS?

  • WA state-administered National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Supported Community Living
  • Community Residential
  • Day Options
  • Disability Professional Services
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Respite
  • LAC Coordination
  • Recreation
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30 June 2022
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