What happens if we check your NDIS eligibility?

We may check your eligibility if evidence shows you may no longer be eligible. This could mean you no longer meet one or more of the residence, disability, or early intervention requirements.

When you became an NDIS participant, you would have met either the disability requirements or the early intervention requirements.

If you’re not sure which requirements you met, have a look at the access decision letter we sent you when we decided you were eligible. You can also contact us .

If we check and it looks like you no longer meet the eligibility requirements, we may reassess your eligibility. We call this an eligibility reassessment. If we decide to start an eligibility reassessment, we’ll let you know and you will be given the chance to provide evidence that you do continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

After the eligibility reassessment process has finished, we may decide that you’re still eligible. Or we may revoke your status as a participant, if the evidence shows you don’t meet:

  • the residency requirements
  • the disability requirements or the early intervention requirements. 

If you’re still eligible, you’ll remain a participant. You can keep using your supports.

If we revoke your status, you will leave the NDIS.

How do we let you know we’re doing an eligibility reassessment?

We’ll send you a letter to let you know we’re doing an eligibility reassessment. We’ll also contact you by your preferred contact method, such as by phone or email, to let you know.

You can still use the supports in your plan during the eligibility reassessment.

If your plan is being reassessed at the same time as the eligibility reassessment, you might get a new plan while we are doing the eligibility reassessment.

If we start doing an eligibility reassessment, we’ll let you know we’re thinking about whether we should revoke your status as a participant. We’ll also let you know what specific eligibility requirements we don’t think you meet.

We’ll then give you an opportunity to explain if you think you still meet the requirements. You can also give us any relevant information or evidence that shows this. 

We’ll also tell you any areas we think there’s not enough evidence to show us you’re still eligible.

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23 October 2023
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