What happens to a participant's assistive technology?

The person managing the estate will need to work with providers to manage the participant’s assistive technology in line with the service agreement that is in place.

Generally, when we have funded assistive technology for the participant, the participant owns it, unless there is an arrangement in place where the participant must give it back to the provider. For example, the participant has a rental or leasing arrangement with a NDIS provider.

If the participant owns the item, the equipment becomes part of their estate when they die. The person managing the estate can choose what to do with the assistive technology.

If the participant was renting assistive technology with NDIS funding, you must return the equipment to the provider. This is because the provider still owns it. This includes if the participant rented a group of assistive technology items, such as through a loan pool or equipment library.

If the participant had a service agreement that includes the costs of returning equipment early, we’ll cover costs such as:

  • early return fees
  • shipment or delivery costs.

What happens when assistive technology has been ordered but not delivered?

If the participant dies before getting assistive technology that was in their plan, we’ll pay any pre-payment fees that haven’t been paid if:

If full payment is made, the assistive technology is the property of the estate.

What if the participant had an assistance animal or dog guide?

The person managing the estate may need to consider any service agreement and may wish to talk to the participant’s provider. They can discuss with them what options are available for the assistance animal or dog guide.

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31 October 2022
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