What happens to a participant's NDIS funded supports when they die?

The participant's plan ends the day they die. We can’t fund any supports or services purchased or supplied after this date. If the participant’s plan manager uses NDIS funds to purchase supports after this date, the plan manager will need to repay us. 

Also, an NDIS provider will need to repay us if they receive a payment they are not entitled to after the participant’s death. 

For example, the participant may have funding for cleaning services in their NDIS plan. A provider can’t claim this funding to purchase cleaning services after the participant dies. If the provider claims the funding, it will need to be repaid to the NDIS.

Sometimes we can pay for supports that were arranged or ordered in writing before the participant died that haven’t been paid yet.

For example:

  • return and payment for rented assistive technology, where the costs are covered by a service agreement entered before the participant died
  • assistive technology that has been purchased by the participant but not paid for or delivered – when it fits with the pre-payments guidance of the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits
  • home or vehicle modifications that have started but haven’t finished
  • services that were purchased and provided before the participant died
  • cancellation fees covered by a service agreement.

We will make sure that access to the portal is available for a period of 90 days from the participant’s date of death. This is so that reasonable and necessary supports purchased before the participant’s death can be claimed. When you contact us, we will talk to you about who the most appropriate person is to have access to the portal in order to make these claims.

The information in this section is general information only. You should always check the terms of the service agreement made with the provider. The service agreement can help you work out whether you need to pay providers, and who owns assistive technology, home or vehicle modifications, after a participant dies.

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31 October 2022
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