What if you start getting home care services from the aged care system?

Home care services are supports you can get to help with your daily life. They include things like personal care for you in your home. When we say home care services, we mean services funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care system .

You must leave the NDIS if you start getting home care services permanently for the first time after you turn 65.  You can’t ask for an internal review. This is because the law says you must leave the NDIS when this occurs, without us needing to make a reviewable decision.

Learn more about what decisions can be reviewed.

Home care services can be different from the supports you get with your NDIS funding. Find out more about home care services on the Department of Health and Aged Carewebsite .


Kirsty just turned 65 and is an NDIS participant. She has an NDIS plan and currently gets 10 hours a week of personal care supports for her disability support needs.

Since she turned 65, she’s now eligible for home care services with aged care funding. She must decide if she’ll start using these aged care services.

If she starts getting home care services with aged care funding permanently, she must leave the NDIS.

She can keep getting NDIS supports that meet the NDIS funding criteria for her disability support needs until she gets aged care home care services permanently. Or if she moves into residential aged care permanently. 

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23 October 2023
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