What if you were already in residential aged care before you turned 65?

If you were already living in residential aged care before you turn 65, you can still be an NDIS participant after you turn 65.

Learn more about younger people in residential aged care.

Once you turn 65, you can also choose to leave and get support from the aged care system instead. If you want to leave the NDIS, you’ll need to let us know in writing.

If you choose to leave the NDIS, you can’t ask for an internal review. This is because if you ask in writing to leave the NDIS, then the law says we must remove you from the NDIS, without us needing to make a reviewable decision. Learn more about what decisions can be reviewed.


At age 50, Jane moved into an aged care facility permanently.

She was found eligible for the NDIS when she was 64.

Jane is now 66. She can choose to stay in residential aged care, but she decides to move out and live with her children.

Jane is still an NDIS participant, so she talks to her planner about her goal of moving out of residential aged care. Jane provides assessments and reports from her treating health professionals so we understand her capabilities and support needs.

Jane and her planner create a plan which includes the reasonable and necessary supports Jane needs. She uses her NDIS funding to support her to live with her children.

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31 October 2022
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