You can ask for an internal review if you’re directly affected by our decision. 

Who can ask for an internal review depends on the decision. We have a list of who can usually ask for an internal review for different types of decisions.


Sharon is an NDIS participant. She had funding in her first plan for physiotherapy. Her new plan doesn’t include funding for physiotherapy. We didn’t have evidence that physiotherapy still meets the NDIS funding criteria.

Sharon can ask for a review of our decision to approve her plan without funding for physiotherapy. She’s directly affected by our decision, as it’s about her and the supports we included in her plan.

But her physiotherapist can’t ask us for a review, as they’re not directly affected by the decision. Even though this might mean Sharon stops going to the physiotherapist, the link isn’t direct. There’s a step in between. It’s Sharon’s decision if she uses her own money to keep going to the physiotherapist.

Can other people help you ask for an internal review?

Yes. Other people can help you ask for an internal review, if you want them to. For example, you can ask your family or friends to help you make your own request.

Your local area coordinator, early childhood partner, planner, or an advocate can help you if you want them to. We can also help you book a translator or interpreter if you need one.

Can other people ask for an internal review on your behalf?

If someone else makes decisions for you, they can ask for an internal review on your behalf. This could be:

  • a person appointed by a court or tribunal to make decisions for you
  • a nominee if you’re a participant aged 18 or older
  • a child representative if you’re a participant younger than 18.

Yes. If you’re unable to ask for an internal review, you can give someone else permission to ask for you.

You need to let us know they have your permission. We call this consent. This could be someone like a family member, friend, advocate, or a support coordinator.

We prefer you let us know in writing if you’re giving someone consent. You can:

We check that your consent is for the internal review you’re asking for, and your consent still applies. We may still contact you to check you’re happy for us to do an internal review.

Learn more about consent .

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14 September 2021
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