What happens during an external review?

When you ask the Tribunal for an external review, it’ll go through a few steps before making a decision.

You can find information about the steps in the external review process on the Tribunal website.

You can provide more information to the Tribunal to help them make a decision. We may also ask you, or other people, for more information to help us resolve the issue or help the Tribunal decide. If you’re a participant or applying to the NDIS, we may ask you to get an assessment.

If you’re a participant, you can still use the supports in your plan during the Tribunal process.

What support can you get at the Tribunal?

If you want an advocate or legal support at the Tribunal, you may be eligible for NDIS Appeals Supports . For example, someone could represent you at the Tribunal and help you explain your situation.

If you’re a participant, you can use your NDIS funding for disability related supports during the hearings. For example, you might need support for personal care or communication supports to help you participate in discussions.

But you can’t use your NDIS funding for someone to represent you at the Tribunal. For example, you can’t use your NDIS funding for a lawyer, support coordinator or other provider.

We also can’t fund any legal advice or legal support when you go to the Tribunal. 

Learn more about the support you can get at the Tribunal .

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28 June 2022
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