What happens after we make the internal review decision?

We’ll let you know in writing about what decision we made and why.

Your letter or email will explain:

  • our internal review decision
  • the reasons for our decision
  • what evidence we looked at, if we decided to confirm or vary the original decision
  • what you can do if you don’t agree with the internal review decision.

If we vary or set aside the decision, your internal reviewer will make the changes to your NDIS record or NDIS plan to reflect their new decision.

What happens to your plan after an internal review decision?

If you’re a participant, your plan may need to change depending on our internal review decision.

If we confirm the original decision to approve your plan, your plan will stay the same. You’ll have the same supports, the same plan management, and your plan review date will stay the same.

If we vary or set aside the original decision, we’ll then replace or vary your plan. 

This means your replacement plan will have any changes we decided to make about: 

  • the reasonable and necessary supports in your plan
  • how we describe the supports in your plan
  • how the funding in your plan is managed
  • when we’ll next review your plan. 

What if you’re still not happy after the internal review decision?

If you disagree with our internal review decision, you can ask for an external review of the decision.

You have 28 days after you receive our internal review decision to ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for an external review.

Learn more in How can you ask for an external review?

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28 June 2022
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