What if you need a change to your current plan, while we are completing your internal review?

If you’re a participant, and your situation changes while waiting for an internal review, contact us .

We’ll let you know what options are available for your situation, and how this might affect your plan and your internal review.

You may need a change to your plan before we complete our internal review:

  • You can ask for a plan reassessment or variation to your plan, which we call a participant-requested plan reassessment or participant requested variation.
  • Depending on your situation, we may decide to do a plan reassessment or vary your plan, which we call a CEO-initiated plan reassessment, or CEO-initiated variation. You can then ask for an internal review of this decision, if you don’t agree.


Robert is an NDIS participant.

He has requested an internal review as he is unhappy with the plan management decision in his plan. Robert wants to self-manage some his supports.

While the internal review officer is reviewing Robert’s request, he mentions his sister has been admitted to hospital.

Robert lives with his sister and relies on her to help him daily.

The internal review officer can complete a CEO initiated plan variation to also include some additional supports for Robert at the same time as they are completing the internal review.

This means Robert will have some new supports in his plan to help him while his sister is in hospital and his internal review of the plan management request considered at the same time.

If Robert doesn’t agree with the decision we make relating to his internal review, he can ask for an external review.

There are some changes to the laws of the NDIS from 1 July 2022. The changes apply to internal review requests made on or after 1 July 2022. Under the changes, some decisions that affect your plan will be reviewed automatically, as part of an existing internal review.

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4 July 2022
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