Is it value for money or funded by someone else?

Is what you need value for money?

The assistive technology we fund for you must be value for money compared to other assistive technology or supports that would achieve the same outcome.  We consider the benefits of the assistive technology. We also think about what it will help you do in the long term. 

We consider less expensive options and how long the assistive technology will last. We also think about how often the assistive technology will need maintenance or repairs. Lastly, assistive technology may be cheaper to rent for the time you need it. 

We monitor the price of assistive technologies in the market to compare the cost of the assistive technology you want to a benchmark price for similar items.  This product catalogue shows us the standard price of different items and services.

We use this benchmark to help us decide how much funding to include in your plan. We also look at how easy a device or service is to get.
This helps us provide enough funding for the assistive technology you need to pursue your goals. This may be above the benchmark for some needs.

We generally fund the standard level of assistive technology you need based on your goals. For example, a wheelchair with standard specifications and features.

We won’t fund extra items that don’t relate to your disability, or don’t help you pursue your goals.

You can also pay extra from your own money if you want:

  • a particular brand or model of an item
  • special features not related to your disability needs (for example, paint type)
  • a particular design.


Bill needs a new wheelchair. He gave us an assessment and quote for $7,550.

There are some parts of the quote that don’t meet our funding criteria. This is because they’re not reasonable and necessary. These parts include extra “cosmetic” features like metallic paint and personalised AFL club upholstery for $550.

His plan will include $7,000 for the standard assistive technology for his needs. Bill decides he doesn’t need the metallic paint. But he really wants to show his AFL Club loyalty. So, he pays $250 from his own money for the upholstery upgrade and gets the standard paint.

Is your assistive technology funded or provided by someone else?

We can’t fund assistive technology if it’s another organisation’s job to fund or provide it. We can help work out whose job it is to fund or provide what you need.

For example, health departments will provide equipment you need in hospital. You might get to keep this for a week or two after you come home if you’ve had surgery. 

Other state and federal government agencies will also fund equipment sometimes.  For example, to help you in your work, school or university.

If we don’t fund what you need, we can help you find out how to get it from the right provider or scheme.

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18 April 2021
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