A very small number of participants need a lot of extra support from very experienced or skilled support workers.

Some examples where more intensive support might be required are:

  • You need 24/7 active supervision or support because of your disability, with no informal supports available. This may include an accompanying psychosocial disability or complex health conditions.
  • You have continual behaviours of concern related to your disability, such as self-harm, or physical or verbal aggression. This must be evidenced appropriately alongside strategies to reduce this.
  • You need skilled, experienced and sometimes specialist support workers for continual supervision. Where tasks are delegated, close monitoring is needed and often specific staff training is provided.

Remember, we only fund the supports you need because of your disability. In these situations, we consider if the supports meet all reasonable and necessary criteria.

This includes making sure an individualised living option is suitable for you, and it’s likely you and others will be safe.

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29 March 2022
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