What happens once you have ILO supports in your plan?

Once you have funding in your plan, you can start using it for your ILO supports.

If you have ILO Exploration and Design (Stage 1) supports in your plan, you can get started with your support provider, family, friends, and others to explore where and how you’d like to live. You can also start working on designing your ILO supports that suit your individual needs and completing the Service Proposal.

If you have ILO Support Package (Stage 2) supports in your plan it’s likely that you’ll have found a provider to implement your ILO, as part of the process to complete your Service Proposal.

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The ILO supports will be included within your NDIS plan. While your ILO supports are being set up, you’ll need to speak to your provider about how much they’ll claim from your allocated funding. This may be a reduced amount during your transition to ILO.

It’s a good idea to have a written service agreement with your provider. This can help make sure you and your provider are clear about what support you get and how you’ll get it.

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How do you set up and keep track of your ILO supports?

Your provider will set up your supports and can help you to find people to support you. They’ll make sure your ILO supports are paid.

Once your ILO is in place, you and your provider should monitor and review the arrangement regularly. This is so you and your provider know it’s working for you and still meets your needs.

Working with your provider and other supports, you can come up with the best way for you to monitor your ILO. You should consider:

  • Can you do what you’d like at home?
  • Are you still happy with your living arrangement?
  • Are there any problems with the people you live with?
  • If your needs or goals have changed and you want to change your supports.

Your ILO supports are flexible, so you should be able to work with your provider to make the changes you need.

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26 April 2021
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