How much do we fund for Medium Term Accommodation and how does it work?

How much is Medium Term Accommodation?

Check out the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits  for the daily rates we’ll include in your plan for Medium Term Accommodation. When you use Medium Term Accommodation, you or your provider can claim the cost of your accommodation up to this amount.

Remember, Medium Term Accommodation covers the accommodation costs of where you stay. You’ll still need to pay for other things like your food, telephone and other bills as usual.  

What about other supports you might need?

Medium Term Accommodation doesn’t cover the personal care supports you may need during your stay. It doesn’t include day-to-day living costs like food, internet or electricity.

You can still use the funding already in your plan while you stay in Medium Term Accommodation. You might use it for other supports you need during your stay. For example, you can still use your funding for personal care supports in your Medium Term Accommodation.

We’ll also talk to you about any other supports you might need while you’re staying in Medium Term Accommodation.

If they are reasonable and necessary, we may fund:

  • assistive technology
  • extra support you need during this time
  • or support to help you move into Medium Term Accommodation.

Can you use Medium Term Accommodation to pay rent?

Usually, we don’t fund everyday expenses such as rent in your plan. For Medium Term Accommodation however, these accommodation costs are an extra expense because of your disability support needs. They’re not considered everyday expenses, as they are temporary.

You can use your Medium Term Accommodation funding to pay for temporary accommodation of your choice. The temporary accommodation must be reasonable and necessary, and help you pursue your goals.

You can only use this funding while you’re waiting to move into your confirmed long term housing solution. You can’t use Medium Term Accommodation to pay rent once you’re in your long term housing.

What about Medium Term Accommodation for more than 90 days?

We usually fund Medium Term Accommodation for up to 90 days. In exceptional circumstances, we might consider funding Medium Term Accommodation for longer than 90 days.

You must have evidence you’ll need Medium Term Accommodation supports for longer.

For example, you might need home modifications before you can move back home. If your builder says the modifications will take 100 days, we could fund 100 days of Medium Term Accommodation.

Who can you talk to about Medium Term Accommodation in your plan?

To learn more about Medium Term Accommodation, contact your Support Coordinator or LAC. You can also ask us at your next planning meeting.

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23 July 2021
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