Is Medium Term Accommodation reasonable and necessary for you?

Like all supports, Medium Term Accommodation must meet our reasonable and necessary criteria . Here’s how we use the criteria to make decisions about Medium Term Accommodation.

Is Medium Term Accommodation related to your disability?

We can only fund Medium Term Accommodation if you need it because of your disability.  That is, because of your disability, you need somewhere to live while you wait for your disability supports. These disability supports will mean you can move into your long term accommodation.

For example, you can’t live in your current home safely because of your disability until home modifications are finished.

Is Medium Term Accommodation a day-to-day living cost?

Medium Term Accommodation funding supports you to move into your long term housing solution. It generally covers accommodation costs for up to 90 days. This is a temporary and extra cost you have due to your disability support needs. 

Long term rent is a day-to-day living cost.  We can’t fund Medium Term Accommodation as a long term home and living cost.

Does Medium Term Accommodation help you pursue your goals?

We’ll look at the disability specific barriers that prevent you from pursuing your home and living goals, and how the support will address your disability support needs.

There are some things to remember:

  • Setting more and bigger goals doesn’t mean we’ll fund more and bigger funded supports.
  • Setting a goal about an explicit type or amount of support you might want doesn’t mean we have an obligation to fund that support or in that amount.

For example, you might have a goal to move into your own home. We will look at all the ways you might be able to pursue that goal. Funding Medium Term Accommodation could be one way. Learn more about setting goals .

Does Medium Term Accommodation help your social or work life?

We need to understand how Medium Term Accommodation will also help your social or work life.  Having a safe place to stay that meets your disability needs will often support your social and work life.

Is Medium Term Accommodation value for Money?

We need to check that Medium Term Accommodation is value for money.  We’ll consider if there are other suitable support options that would achieve the same outcome at a lower cost.

Is Medium Term Accommodation effective and beneficial for you?

We need to check that Medium Term Accommodation is right for you and your disability support needs.  We think about whether Medium Term Accommodation will achieve what you need it to. We also think about if it’s the best option to help you pursue your goals.

What is the role of families, carers, informal supports and the community?

When we fund Medium Term Accommodation, we think about how much support is reasonable from other people. This might be your family, carers, informal and community supports.  We think about if they can support you while you wait for your long term housing option.

Is Medium Term Accommodation best funded by the NDIS?

Some home and living supports are better for other support services to fund.  For example, your state or territory might fund some short and medium term housing options.

We check if another support service could fund Medium Term Accommodation for you. We can’t fund Medium Term Accommodation if it’s better for another organisation to fund it.

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29 March 2021
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