When an SDA property is built it needs to be enrolled with us before we can provide funding for it.

Recent changes to enrolment

There are two options to enrol an SDA dwelling. A provider can enrol a dwelling against the new SDA Design Standard, or the current Minimum Requirements:

  • SDA Design Standard - the Design Standard isn’t mandatory until 1 July 2021. We announced the SDA Design Standard in October 2019.

    Learn more about the SDA Design Standard .

    Learn more about the SDA Design Standard Implementation Plan .

  • Minimum Requirements – applications for this option will only be accepted after 1 July 2021 if you have an exemption.

Eventually, the SDA Design Standard will replace the current Minimum Requirements. Exemptions may apply.


You must make applications in writing. The information we need for your application depends if it is for:

  • the SDA Design Standard
  • current Minimum Requirements.

Learn more about enrolling a dwelling .

Evidence of compliance

SDA Design Standard

We’re accepting dwelling enrolment applications from 1 July 2020 under a new voluntary enrolment stream. The Design Standard will be mandatory from 1 July 2021.

To approve an application, providers must give us the following information:

  • SDA Dwelling Enrolment Application Form
  • Provider Certification Form 
  • Certificate of compliance signed by a qualified SDA Assessor. They must not be an employee, associate or otherwise engaged by the applicant.

The applicant must include their signature where required.

Design stage certification

The SDA Design Standard allows you to obtain certification at the design or planning stage of your project.

Qualified SDA assessors can certify that the design meets the requirements of the Design Standard. 

This allows us to process final dwelling enrolment applications faster. It also usually means it’s less likely we’ll need to ask for more information before an application is processed.

If you have design stage certification for a project, you can send it to us at [email protected] along with:

  • the dwelling address
  • SDA design category and building type
  • number of residents 
  • estimated completion time.

You don’t need to submit any further information until the dwelling is complete and ready to be enrolled.

What about exemptions?

You can apply for an exemption for dwellings completed after 1 July 2021.

Providers can use the Design Standard exemption application form  prior to 31 July 2020.

We may give exemptions where you can show:

  • you have made significant financial commitments for the project in progress
  • it isn’t possible to alter the project plans to the new SDA Design Standard.

Exemptions will be granted solely at the discretion of the NDIA.

Minimum Requirements

Providers can apply to enrol an SDA dwelling by submitting evidence of compliance with the current Minimum Requirements:

  • the dwelling is complete prior to 1 July 2021
  • the provider and property have an exemption, as above.

For an enrolment application to be accepted in the Design Standards stream, providers must provide the following information and documents to us, signed by the applicant where required:

Certification of enrolled dwellings

The NDIA may request that another person certify the information you gave us when the dwelling was enrolled. We will check that this information still applies to the dwelling. We will say what qualifications the third party must have, and how independent they need to be from you.

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14 September 2020
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