When you get SDA in your plan, it will show the design category, building type, and location we have approved. These things determine how much funding you get. 

This funding is for the provider of your SDA. You can choose which SDA registered provider you want, unless one is outlined in your plan. They can claim the funding when they provide the home, or property, to you. 

A Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or your friends and family can help you talk to providers. Make sure you tell them about your design category, building type and location. 

What happens if the type of SDA you need isn’t available? 

Sometimes the SDA you need won’t be available. We’ll still put the design category, building type and location in your plan. 

This helps if you want to keep looking for a suitable place. Or, you can ask a provider to start building you a property. We can also let providers know if there’s lots of people who need this kind of SDA. 

Until you move into a home, your building type, design category and location will be noted in your plan as a comment.  We can help confirm these details with providers if you want to talk to them about the SDA they offer. 

Once you move into a dwelling, we’ll update your plan to include the funding for the SDA support.

What if you want to live in a different type of SDA to what’s in your plan?

You can choose to live in any SDA property which meets the type, category and location noted in your plan. If you move homes, you must tell us so we can make sure you continue to receive the right supports. 

If you want to live in a different SDA type, category or location to what’s approved in your plan you will need to ask for a review of your plan so these aspects of your SDA supports can be re-evaluated. 

You may be able to live in a higher valued design category or building type than what’s in your plan. But you need to talk about this with us and your SDA provider. You might need to pay more rent out of your own pocket to be able to live there. 

If you agree to pay more rent to live in a higher valued design category or building type, we'll note this in your plan in case you need to move in the future.

How do you find the right SDA provider? 

In most cases, once you have SDA in your plan, you can choose the right SDA provider for you, as long as they are registered and their dwellings are enrolled. 

A Support Coordinator, LAC, or your friends and family, can help you talk to providers. Make sure you tell them about your design category, building type and location. 

Providers will usually advertise when they have SDA available. Some providers have online services to help you find the right SDA dwelling. Your LAC or Support Coordinator can help you find these services.

You can talk to as many SDA providers as you want to, so you can find the right provider. We can fund help for you to find a provider if you need it.

There are 2 situations where we might recommend a specific provider:

  1. Specific SDA needs

    Your disability may mean you need a very specific type of SDA. We might specify a provider in your plan that can offer you the kind of SDA you need.

    This can be because you need a particular person to give you specialist care. Or, your support needs relate to the kind of SDA you need.

    We’ll only do this in limited situations and will let you know if we are going to do this.

  2. Continuity and stability

    In some rare cases, we fund SDA to make sure you can keep getting the same supports and care. We call this 'continuity and stability'.

    If this is the case, we’ll note in your plan that your SDA should be supplied by your current provider.

    We include this only if changing providers would be a risk to your health or safety and will talk to you about it if we think that might apply to you.

Do you need to have the same provider for SDA and your other supports?

No. You can choose the provider you would like for each of your supports.

Your SDA provider must let you change your providers for other supports at any time.

If you want, you could choose a different SDA provider to your other supports like Supported Independent Living (SIL), personal care supports  or Support Coordination. That way, you pick the supports and providers that suit you best.

What if you have in-kind SDA? 

The NDIS gives you funding so you can choose who delivers your supports. This also allows you to choose when you get supports, and where. 

But before we existed, state and territory governments paid some providers to deliver services. You might still be living in what’s called 'in-kind SDA' now. 

If you’re transitioning to the NDIS, we can provide in-kind SDA in your plan. But you don’t have to live in in-kind SDA if you don’t want to. If you want to explore other options, we can help. Contact your Planner or LAC to get started. 

Learn more about in-kind supports .

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8 December 2020
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