What if you want to move out of your residential aged care facility?

If you want to look at other housing options to move out of the RACF, talk to your Support Coordinator or planner whenever you’re ready.

We’ll ensure this is included as a goal in your NDIS plan. You can change the goals in your plan at any time.

Once you decide you’d like to move out of residential aged care we’ll talk to you about your daily support needs. Then we can discuss the home and living supports that best meet those needs.

We’ll also discuss what supports you may need to help you achieve this. For example:

  • Support Coordination funding so a Support Coordinator can look at other housing options for you
  • Capacity Building funding to help you build your skills to move out
  • Core – Consumables, personal care and functional supports funding for a trial in a potential housing option.

To learn more about other housing solutions and living supports have a look at:

Of course, you may want to leave your RACF for just a short time. For example, for holidays or stays with family. For more information about short term leave from a RACF, check out the Department of Health website .

What if you have a concern about the care you are receiving?

If you have a concern about the care you are receiving, it is important that you talk about it. Raise your concern with the staff or managers of the RACF first. This is often the best way to have your concern resolved.

If they can’t help, you can contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission . They look at issues or complaints.

You can also contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission . They’ll work with the Aged Care Quality and Safeguards Commission to help you.

Your family, advocate or Support Coordinator can also help you make a complaint.

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30 June 2022
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