What does NDIS fund?

We would typically fund a requested support if it:  

  • Is related to your disability needs; AND
  • Meets ALL of the following as outlined in the NDIS Funding Criteria:
    • it will help with your individual goals and aspirations
    • it will help your social and/or economic participation
    • it is value for money, which means that:
      • the cost of the support is similar to or cheaper than alternative options that can provide you with the same outcome (NDIS Supports for Participants Rule 3.1(a)); and/or  
      • purchasing the support is likely to reduce the costs of funding for other supports in the long term (NDIS Supports for Participants Rule 3.1(c)).
    • it is effective and beneficial for you
    • it helps to maintain your informal supports
    • it is the responsibility of the NDIS to fund

What doesn’t the NDIS fund?

We would typically not fund a requested support if:

  • it is likely to cause harm to you or others
  • it is not related to your disability
  • it provides the same benefit as another support already funded by the NDIS in your plan; or
  • it relates to a day-to-day living cost (for example, rent, groceries or utility costs like your water bill) that are not directly related to your disability support needs (NDIS Supports for Participants Rule 5.1(d)).
  • it is being used as income replacement (NDIS Supports for Participants Rules 5.3(b)).
This page current as of
20 April 2021
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