What happens after I have had a change to my plan?

After we decide to change your plan, you’ll get a copy of your plan and a letter with the reasons for the decision we made. If your plan was varied, you’ll get a copy of your varied plan within 7 days of the day the variation to your plan starts.  

If we approved a new plan you’ll get a copy within 7 days of your plan being approved. 

Your local area coordinator, early childhood partner or support coordinator can help you start using your plan. For example, they can explain the supports in your plan, help you connect with supports outside the NDIS, and help you find service providers.

Learn more about your plan.

What if I am not happy with my plan?

If you’re not happy with your new plan, you should talk to us when you get your varied plan or when we meet with you to approve your new plan. We can explain the decision, clarify how you can use the funding, or help you fix any problems.

You can also talk to your my NDIS contact or support coordinator. It’s a good idea to do this soon after you get your plan

You can also contact us to ask about the reasons for our decision to approve your plan.

If you don’t agree with your new plan or varied plan, you can ask us to review our decision. We call this process an internal review. This means another one of our staff, who wasn’t involved in the original decision, will look at whether we made the right decision.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want an internal review. We don’t decide this for you.

You need to ask for an internal review of our decision within 3 months of receiving our decision. We can’t do an internal review if you ask us after 3 months has passed. If you ask us after 3 months, we’ll let you know what other options you have.

Learn more about reviewing our decisions.

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27 October 2023
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