You can ask other people for help to set your goals if you want to. For example, your friends, family, or My NDIS contact can help you.

You can also change your goals at any time, even after we approve your plan.

We’ll talk with you about what your goals will mean for your NDIS plan. For example, we could talk about:

  • what your goals will look like for you
  • how you can work towards your goals
  • when you’d like to work on your goals
  • what supports you need to work towards your goals. But just because you have a goal doesn’t mean we have to fund supports for it
  • where you might get supports to work towards your goals, for example community or mainstream services
  • if we’ll fund supports to help you work toward your goals
  • how you could develop skills and talents you haven’t focused on before
  • what supports you need to overcome any challenges in working towards your goals
  • if you’d like to include smaller goals as part of a big goal
  • if you’d like to add a few steps to work towards your goals.

For example, you might choose a goal, ‘I want to go on a holiday next year’. You might also choose to add steps like saving up money for your travel and hotel, towards achieving your goal.

Learn more about preparing your goals .

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27 October 2023
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