When will we approve your plan?

We’ll approve your plan as soon as we reasonably can based on your situation.  We may take longer to approve your plan if we need you to give us more information or get an assessment.

For children younger than 7, we aim to approve your plan within 90 days after you become a participant.

If you’re 7 or older, we aim to approve your first plan within 56 days after you become a participant.

What do we think about when we approve your plan?

When we approve your plan we must:

  • think about your goals
  • consider any assessments about your support needs 
  • decide that each support meets the NDIS funding criteria, and as a package of supports 
  • decide if we need to reduce the amount of funding in your plan because you can get compensation outside the NDIS 
  • consider the principle that you should manage your plan as much as you want to 
  • think about how your previous plans have worked for you, including how well they met your disability support needs. 

We also consider the principles about plans.  These principles include things like:

  • Your plan is just for you.
  • Your plan will work alongside other supports you can get outside the NDIS, like informal, community and mainstream supports.
  • Your plan should give you as much choice and independence about your life as possible.

You can read the full list of principles about plans in the NDIS Act .

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27 October 2023
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