What happens during a plan review?

When we do a plan review, we’ll work with you to create and approve a new plan. 

We think about all the information we have about you, your goals, situation and support needs. We review all the supports you require to meet your disability support needs. Some supports may no longer be required, while others may increase or change.

This helps us decide what supports meet the NDIS funding criteria.

All supports in your new plan must meet the NDIS funding criteria. This includes the supports that were in your previous plan, even if we’re not making changes or only making minor changes.

We look at how you’ve been using your supports and how well your previous plans worked for you.  For example, we look at how much funding you used for supports in your current plan. This will help us decide if the supports are still working for you.

If you haven’t used all the funding by the end of your plan, it doesn’t mean we’ll reduce the funding in your next plan. There may be very good reasons why you weren’t able to use the funding.

When we review your plan, we’ll talk about any problems you have using your funding and support you to get help with this. But if you consistently don’t use your NDIS funding, we think about whether the supports really do meet the NDIS funding criteria. For example, they may not be effective and beneficial for you if you’re not actually using them. We will talk to you about this when we review your plan.

Your needs and situation will most likely change over time. This means it’s likely your NDIS funding will change over time. For example, your disability support needs might increase and we might consider funding more supports.

Or, we might have funded supports to help you build your skills in a particular area. Once you have built those skills, you won’t need funding for that any more. So, we probably won’t include that funding in your next plan.

Supports to build your skills may have met the NDIS funding criteria before, but it might not meet the criteria in future.

Everyone’s plan review is different. If your situation and support needs have changed, we’ll go through the same process as when we created your current plan with you.

If you need a new plan with the same supports, or minor changes, we may not need to ask you all of the usual planning questions.

For example, you might just want to change how the funding is managed for one of your supports. If so, we may not need to look at your goals and ask you all the usual planning questions. We won’t need to do a full plan review.

Learn more about plan management.

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13 September 2021
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