What if you want your plan reviewed (participant-requested plan review)?

A participant-requested plan review is when you ask us to review your plan. You can ask for a plan review at any time. We then need to decide if we will do it.

We’ll generally do a participant-requested plan review if either:

  • your situation has changed significantly so your plan no longer meets your needs
  • you want to change how the funding is managed in your plan.

We generally won’t do a participant-requested plan review in other situations. Learn more about the situations when we won’t do a participant-requested plan review.

We have to make our decision about your request for a plan review within 14 days, and let you know our decision in writing. 

If we don’t decide within 14 days, under the NDIS law we must do an internal review. This is because we didn’t make our original decision on time. We call this an automatic internal review. This internal review is about deciding if we need to do a plan review. It is not about approving a plan.

We’ll let you know in writing if we do an automatic internal review.  You don’t need to do anything. Learn more about reviewing our decisions.

If we decide to do a plan review, we must start creating your new plan within 14 days of the decision. 

Under our Participant Service Guarantee , we must approve your new plan within 28 days.

This page current as of
13 September 2021
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