What is a plan review?

Sometimes, you may need a new plan. For example, things can change and you may need different supports in your plan. We can talk to you about your situation and create a new plan. This is called a plan review.

There are two situations where we may do a plan review.

  • We may decide at any time to review your plan, such as after we check-in with you. This is called an agency-initiated plan review.
  • We may do a plan review in some situations if you ask for one. This is called a participant-requested plan review.

Once we have done a plan review, we’ll create a new plan for you. Each time we do a plan review, you’ll get a new plan.  Just like your current plan, your new plan sets out: 

  • your goals
  • informal, community and mainstream supports, such as your family, friends, community and government services
  • the reasonable and necessary supports you need for your disability
  • how your funding will be managed
  • when we must do the next plan review.

New plans won’t be for the same length for everyone. It depends on your personal situation, goals and support needs. Learn more about how long your plan will go for when we create your plan.

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13 September 2021
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