When do we decide to review your plan (agency-initiated plan review)?

During your plan, we’ll check-in to see how you’re going. We’ll talk with you about how the supports in your plan are meeting your needs.

We will check-in with you:

  • at regular intervals, for example each year
  • if we think your plan might not be working for you.

Learn more about check-ins in our Your plan guideline.

If the check-in shows your plan is meeting your needs, we won’t do a plan review and your current plan will continue.

But if we find that your plan isn’t meeting your needs, we’ll set up a plan review. We call these agency-initiated plan reviews.

We may decide to do a plan review at any time. For example, we may do a plan review if:

  • there are significant changes to your situation, such as starting work for the first time or moving out of home
  • we get an assistive technology or home modifications assessment report or quote
  • there is a mistake in your plan that we need to fix
  • you need more or different supports urgently because you’re at risk of harm, for example if your family can no longer support you.

We may also decide to do a plan review if we know your plan isn’t working for you. For example, you may not have the right supports that you need. Or you may not be using your supports. We might get this information from:

  • you or someone else in your life
  • your local area coordinator, early childhood partner, or support coordinator
  • our system that shows how you’re using the funding in your plan.

If we decide to review your plan, we’ll let you know before we do the review. We might not need to ask you all of the usual planning questions. Your goals will stay the same if you don’t want to change them. 

Once we decide to review your plan, we must give you a new plan as soon as we can. Learn more about how long this takes in our Participant Service Guarantee .

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13 September 2021
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