How can we help you connect with informal, community and mainstream supports?

There are many supports you can get outside the NDIS. These include:

  • informal supports, such as your friends, family and other people you know in your community
  • community supports, such as community groups, religious groups, sporting groups or other activities in your area
  • mainstream supports, such as health, education and other government services that are available to all Australians.

These supports can often help you pursue your goals.

When you start using your plan, we’ll see how we can help you connect with other supports available to you.

For example, we could help you:

  • find community clubs you’d like to join, or activities you’d like to do
  • talk to organisations, so they can adapt their service to meet your needs
  • contact other government services, such as Medicare, childcare, job services or health providers
  • explore ways you can see your family and friends more often, or make new friends, if you want to.

Learn more about these supports in our reasonable and necessary supports guideline, or in:

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4 January 2024
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