What if your situation changes during your plan?

You must let us know if something happens or your situation changes, if it might affect: 

  • your plan
  • whether you’re still eligible for the NDIS.

You must also let us know if it’s likely one of these changes will happen in the future. 

This could include changes like if:

  • there are significant changes in the support your family and friends provide
  • your condition improves or gets worse, meaning you need more or less support
  • you’re starting a new job and need new or different support at work
  • you’re going overseas for a long period of time or you’re moving overseas
  • you’re moving out of aged care or other residential accommodation, and you need different support in your new home
  • you receive or claim compensation for an accident or illness related to your disability.

These changes don’t always mean you’ll need a change to your plan. But you must still let us know about these changes as soon as you reasonably can, after you know about them. 

We have a form you can complete , or you can let us know during your check-in, in person or over the phone.

You should also let us know if you change your contact details, such as your phone number, email or your home or postal address.

What if your new situation means your plan no longer meets your needs?

Sometimes your plan may no longer meet your needs, after something happens or your situation changes.

For example, you may need to replace assistive technology if it starts breaking down. Or, you may need paid personal care supports if your usual informal carers can’t support you anymore.

If so, you can ask us to change your plan.

Learn more about asking to change your plan.

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3 May 2024
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