What supports can you buy with your NDIS funding?

You must spend your funding on the supports set out in your plan. 

There are things you can’t spend your funding on such as items that are illegal or relate to your day to day living costs. Learn more about what you can’t spend your funding on.

The funding in your plan can either be: 

  • Flexible: this is when we describe your supports generally. This means you have greater flexibility on what supports you buy with your funding.
  • Fixed: this is when we describe your supports specifically. This means you must use your funding for the supports we describe in your plan.  This is sometimes called a ‘stated support’.

We usually describe supports generally, so you have more choice in how you use your funding.

For example, we could describe a support as '$5,000 of therapy'. This means you can choose what type of therapy you buy with this funding. You could use $3,000 for occupational therapy, and the remaining $2,000 for physiotherapy.

Other funding in your plan may be fixed. For example, your plan may say you need to buy specific supports, or use specific providers with your funding. If so, you must use your funding in the way we describe it in your plan.

If you’re not sure how we described the supports in your plan, ask your early childhood partner, local area coordinator, support coordinator or recovery coach.

Learn more about how we decide to describe supports.

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11 July 2023
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