What happens if you buy supports that aren't in your plan?

You must spend your funding to buy the supports set out in your plan. We’ll explain the types of supports included in your plan, so you know how to use your NDIS funding.

We also have more information about using your funding .

If we think there’s a problem with how you’re using your plan, we may need to investigate it. For example, we may check what supports you bought with your funding, or ask for evidence such as a receipt.

If you spend your funding on supports that aren’t set out in your plan, you’ll owe us a debt.  This means you’ll need to repay the amount of money you spent on supports that weren’t in your plan. If this happens, we’ll contact you to work out how you can repay the money.

Remember, NDIS funding is for disability-related supports only. It’s not intended to be a source of general income, or to be used for day-to-day living costs like rent.

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20 April 2021
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