Supporting your child’s mobility with assistive technology

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Who is this guide for?

This guide is for families and carers of children with developmental delay or physical or intellectual disability. It can teach you about assistive technology (AT) that may support your child’s mobility needs.

Why is mobility important in young children?  

Mobility in your child’s early years helps to support their physical, social, cognitive and emotional development.

Mobility provides children with freedom of movement and helps them to learn to interact with their environment, exploring play and social opportunities. Movement is also vital in keeping their bodies healthy and functioning. 

AT for mobility aims to support children to move around in different settings (like home, childcare, school and in the community). AT may include walking aids, wheelchairs, specialised footwear or orthoses. 

Seeking early intervention support has shown to lead to better developmental outcomes.

Improving mobility early will allow a child to maximise their ability to play and interact with other children. It can also promote independence and may reduce their need for support from parents and other carers.

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26 April 2024
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