Continence consumables


Roger’s disability means he needs to use single-use disposable urinary catheters.

Would we typically fund this?

Yes, we would typically fund urinary catheters and continence consumables. This expense is likely to meet our funding criteria. Roger would need to give us evidence the expense relates to his regular disability support needs.

Why do we fund this?

To work out whether a support is reasonable and necessary, we would consider the information you give us against the NDIS Funding Criteria. We would also need some evidence, such as assessment from a registered nurse, to show you need the support for your disability.

This evidence needs show:

  • you need disposable urinary catheters or continence consumables to support your disability needs
  • the annual costs for your disposable urinary catheters and continence consumables based on quotes from local suppliers
  • whether you need other support care, such as training by a continence nurse in how to manage these yourself or funding for support to help you with your daily continence needs.

What else do we consider?

We might also provide funding for:

  • mattress protectors
  • continence pads or absorbent pull-ups or briefs
  • continence aids, such as change kits
  • support workers to help with your continence needs if you are unable to do them independently. 

We calculate the funding allowance for urinary catheters and continence consumables on a per-day basis in line with your needs. We assess quotes to decide if the consumables you ask for are:

  • appropriate,
  • value for money.

Case example

Aamira has Spina Bifida which has caused a neurogenic bladder disorder. She needs to use a urinary catheter to empty her bladder. Aamira uses single-use catheters and other continence consumables such as absorbent pull-ups or briefs.

To support Aamira’s funding request, the spinal nurse advisor gives us a breakdown of Aamira’s continence needs as well as quotes from several local suppliers. 

To work out whether the funding for the single-use catheters and other continence consumables is reasonable and necessary, the planner considers the nurse advisor’s information and recommendation against the NDIS Funding Criteria

In Aamira’s case, the planner decides:

  • Aamira needs the support solely and directly because of her disability 
  • she needs the supports regularly
  • the nurse advisor’s evidence and recommendations appear appropriate 
  • the quotes are value for money.

The planner decides that Aamira’s funding request is reasonable and necessary. We approve funding for her to buy urinary catheters and continence consumables. We recommended Aamira buys the catheters and consumables on a month-by-month basis so has the right amount and her stock doesn’t run out. 

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