What’s your Roster of Care?

Once you’ve spoken to your planner and they agree SIL is worth looking into, you need to find a provider. Your provider will work with you to create what’s called a ‘Roster of Care’.

Your Roster of Care describes the supports you’ll get from your provider. It helps us decide how much support to include in your plan.

You’ll work with your provider to create or update your Roster of Care. If your needs have changed, you may have to get a report from a qualified allied health practitioner to show this.

How do you find a SIL provider?

Your LAC or Support Coordinator can help you find a SIL provider. They can also help find community, public, or private housing. An allied health professional may be able to help too.

You need to tell your provider your goals for your potential home and living arrangements. And talk about the support you need for daily tasks, to help you live as independently as possible.

You may want to speak with different providers, so you can choose the best one to help you achieve your goals. Some providers might be better at building your skills to help you become more independent.

The provider you choose will work with you to create a Roster of Care based on your support needs. The Roster of Care also has to be a reasonable and necessary amount of support. We’ll discuss this with you at your planning meeting.

You’ll need to be clear with your provider about what support you’ll get in your home, and what you’ll pay for. For example, we don’t pay for household costs like electricity or utility bills. You might share these costs with your housemates. Or, you might make other arrangements with your provider.

How is your Roster of Care created?

Once you’ve found a provider, they must use the Provider SIL Pack on our website. They need to fill this out and attach any supporting information you need. 

The Provider SIL Pack  includes a Roster of Care sheet which will describe the support you should get during a typical week.

Your Roster of Care should show how many support staff you and any housemates need. This is called your support ratio. Your Roster of Care should also list the times and days you need this support.

It will also list times when you don’t need SIL supports. This includes time spent with family or friends, on holidays, at work or time spent at a day program.

If you share support with other people, your provider will look at everyone’s needs to make sure the Roster of Care works for everyone.

How do we check your Roster of Care?

Your provider needs to talk to you (or your nominee ) to confirm what support you need, to create your Roster of Care. And, so you’re happy with what they’ll provide and you know what supports you might get.

Your provider will give you a copy of your Roster of Care. At your planning meeting we’ll check you’ve been consulted and you’re happy with it.

Your provider will submit your Roster of Care to us along with the rest of the Provider SIL Pack templates. Then we’ll review it all, before your plan gets approved.

We’ll check your provider has completed the Roster of Care correctly and it meets your needs. We make sure the amount of support is reasonable and necessary for you.

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8 December 2020
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