How do you get supported independent living in your plan?

Supported independent living is only one type of home and living support. If you have a goal to explore home and living supports, we’ll start by getting some information from you. This will help us work with you to explore which home and living supports best suit your needs.

We'll look at:

  • any assessments of your disability support and housing needs
  • allied health professional reports
  • reports about your daily support needs.

This helps us understand your current circumstances, strengths, barriers and daily support needs. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of this straight away. We’ll help you work it out.

We may also ask for other assessments if we need more information to make a decision. We’ll include funding in your plan for an assessment of your home and living needs if we need more information.

We want to fund the right home and living support option for you - one that will work for you now and in the long-term. And we want to make sure your supports work together to meet your disability support needs. When we assess what to fund we think about whether the supports will help you to:

  • pursue your goals
  • improve or maintain your ability to do things with less support
  • reduce or maintain your need for person-to-person supports
  • create better connections with your family, community, health services, education and employment.

We’ll use this information to work out whether we can fund supported independent living or other home and living supports that will meet the NDIS funding criteria.

What if you don’t agree with our decision?

If supported independent living doesn’t meet our NDIS funding criteria, we can’t include the support in your plan.

There are lots of ways we might be able to help though, so talk to us if you’re in this situation. For example, we may include other home and living supports that meet your needs.

We can also give you written reasons on why we made the decision. Contact us if you’d like reasons for our decision.

If you don't agree with the decision we’ve made, you can ask for an internal review of our decision.  You’ll need to ask for an internal review within 3 months of getting your plan.

Learn more about reviewing our decisions.

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2 June 2022
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