How do we consider the cost of the assistive technology?

We break the cost of assistive technology into 3 categories:

  1. Low cost assistive technology - under $1,500 per item
  2. Mid cost assistive technology - $1,500 - $5,000 per item
  3. High cost assistive technology - over $5,000 per item

For some items it’s best to buy them. For other items, it might be better to rent or borrow them if your needs are likely to change.

Low cost assistive technology: under $1,500 per item

Low cost items are:

  • easy to set up and use
  • available from local suppliers or non-disability specific retailers.

The Core – Consumables section of your budget shows your low cost assistive technology funding.

Examples include:

  • continence products
  • non-slip bathmats
  • large print labels
  • walking sticks
  • basic shower chairs.

For low cost assistive technology, we’re required to decide within 10 days if we’ll include this in your plan.

Mid cost assistive technology: between $1,500 and $5,000 per item

Mid cost items may be more difficult to choose and set up on your own to get the best outcome.

The Capital budget in your plan shows your mid cost assistive technology funding. This will be a broad category. For example, your plan might say 'Assistive Products and Accessories for Personal Care, Hygiene, and Beds'.

Examples include:

  • a standing hoist
  • a customised shower chair
  • ankle-foot orthotics
  • pressure care mattresses.

For mid cost assistive technology, we’re required to decide if we’ll include this in your plan in 10 days.

High cost assistive technology: over $5,000 per item

High cost items:

  • are complex and need an individual assessment to make sure it’s the right solution for your needs
  • need specialised knowledge or tools to set them up
  • may be custom made for your needs
  • generally need a quote so we include the right amount of funding in your plan.

The Capital section of your plan shows your high cost assistive technology funding. It may say the specific type of assistive technology you need to buy. It might also be ‘quote required’ – your plan will explain this.

Examples include:

  • a wheelchair made specifically for you
  • ceiling hoists
  • complex communication devices
  • powered adjustable beds.

For high cost assistive technology, we’re required to decide if we’ll include this in your plan in 30 days.

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18 April 2021
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