All NDIS supports must meet all the NDIS funding criteria.

When we think about assistive technology support, we’ll ask these questions:

We consider how your supports work together as a package to address your disability support needs or achieve an outcome.

We look at how assistive technology will make it easier for you to do things or reduce other supports you need.

Your assistive technology should bring you benefits over many years.

Learn more about the principles we follow to create your plan.

Does the assistive technology relate to your disability?

Your assistive technology must relate to your disability.  

It should help you with different activities, or something you can’t do now.

Or, assistive technology may make it less tiring for you to do some things, or mean you need less help from someone else.

We won’t fund a support if it’s not related to your disability. 

We don’t fund general items that everyone needs, like everyday household furniture.

But we might fund the extra cost of adapting general items for your disability.

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21 February 2023
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