What if you need to replace the assistive technology?

If you need to replace your assistive technology, we’ll help fund it as soon as possible.

We’ll also include funding to rent the item if you need to wait for a replacement and can’t use funds already in your plan.

Assistive technology may need replacing when:

  • it doesn’t work anymore, or keeps breaking down
  • it’s dangerous to keep using
  • a child has outgrown their assistive technology
  • your support needs change due to a degenerative condition
  • it’s broken and can’t be repaired.

We can include some funding for replacements in your Capital – Assistive Technology budget without a full assessment.

This happens when we create your plan.

We generally only replace items you got through the NDIS (or a similar scheme that funds assistive technology) that are in your plan.

We also need to know that you were recently using it.

You can send us a tax invoice, receipt, or report from a repairer stating the item’s condition.

You also need to show us that you:

  • still have the same support needs
  • don’t expect this to change in the next 12 months.

If the item is less than $15,000 you need to give us evidence that the replacement item is right for you.

You can give us evidence from an assistive technology advisor.

If the item is more than $15,000 you’ll need to give us an assessment from an assistive technology assessor.

We need to know the replacement item is right for you. An assessment from the last 2 years will show this.

You’ll also need to give us a quote.

If your plan is already in place and you don’t have enough funds for a replacement, you may need a plan reassessment.

We’ll decide if you need a plan reassessment.

Learn more about plan reassessments.

Before you have a plan reassessment, think about whether your assistive technology might need replacing soon.

Your my NDIS contact or support coordinator can talk about including the funding in your next plan.

What happens once you have the funding for the replacement?

If your plan has a specific description of the assistive technology, then you need to buy a replacement that matches that description.

For example, your plan may say you need a certain type of wheelchair.

This is known as a ‘stated support’ in your plan. Most assistive technology in your plan generally won’t be a stated support.

If there isn’t a specific description, your replacement item doesn’t need to be the same as your existing one.

We know suppliers will have new models over time.

An assistive technology assessor can help you make sure the replacement has all the features you need to pursue your goals.

And that it’s best suited for where you want to use it.

How do you get rid of assistive technology?

Once we fund your assistive technology, you own it, unless you’re renting or borrowing it.

You can decide what to do with items you own.

If we’ve funded a replacement for your old assistive technology, you can keep the old item, if you choose.

But we generally won’t pay for any maintenance or repairs to the old item, unless it’s suitable as a backup device.

Also if we’ve told you the item no longer meets all the NDIS funding criteria, we won’t pay for any repairs.

You can choose to:

  • give or sell the item to someone else
  • return it to your provider
  • trade it in.

If you decide to get rid of an item because you don’t need it anymore, it’s unlikely we would fund a replacement. 

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27 October 2023
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