What other assistive technology costs do we fund?

We usually fund other supports related to your assistive technology.

This section answers:

How can you get funding in your plan for advice or an assessment?

We’ll always include funding in your capacity building budget to help you get advice or an assessment for your assistive technology.

You can also use the funding to help you choose assistive technology or learn how to use it.

For low cost assistive technology, we include at least $500 in your capacity building budget for advice.

This helps you choose the right assistive technology for you.

For mid cost assistive technology, we include more funding for advice.

For high cost assistive technology, we include more funding for the assessment if you don’t already have one.

How can you get funding for delivery and set up of your assistive technology?

If we fund new assistive technology in your plan, we’ll fund costs for delivery.

This includes delivery costs to your home, or wherever you use the item.

We’ll also include funds for your therapist or assistive technology provider to help set it up if this is needed.

For low cost and mid cost items you can use flexible funds in your plan to pay for this.

How can you get funding to trial new assistive technology?

You might need a trial to test the assistive technology before buying it.

You might trial the item if you’ve never used it before or to confirm if it’s still right for you.

If you need funding in your plan to trial mid cost assistive technology, you won’t need a quote.

But you’ll need to tell us why you need to trial the item and how long you need to trial it to work out if it’s right for you.

This is to make sure that funding the trial meets all the NDIS funding criteria.

We can estimate the trial cost for you if the supplier doesn’t know or hasn’t included it in a quote.

To do this we’ll use the Assistive Technology – Guide for minor trial and rental funding (DOCX 61 KB) .

For items over $15,000 you can tell us how much it will cost from a quote.

We’ll include funding to trial high cost assistive technology if you need it.

For short trials like a one hour session, we include funding in the Core – Consumables budget.

For longer trials, we include funding in the Capital – Assistive Technology budget.

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21 February 2023
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