New assistive technology if you already have a plan and other costs we fund

How can you get new or more assistive technology if you already have a plan?

You might want more or new assistive technology even if you already have a plan. In this case, check your plan first to see if you can use your existing funding to buy what you need. We try to make plans as flexible as possible so you can choose what you spend your funding on. Your Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator, Early Childhood Partner or planner can help.

If you can’t use the existing funding in your plan you may want to ask for a plan review. We can consider your request before your next review.

You can send us your assessment and, if possible, a quote to us to kick off this process.

We‘ll help you with the next steps. The information we need depends on the type of item you want. You can get in contact with our enquiries team who can help further.

Learn more about plan reviews.

What happens during the plan review?

When you ask for a plan review, we’ll look at any information about your new assistive technology needs.

What you want needs to meet the reasonable and necessary criteria before we can include funding in your plan.

If you have a quote and assessment with you at your plan review, and it meets the reasonable and necessary criteria we can include the funding in your new plan.

The funding will be available when the plan is approved.

Sometimes, we include funding to rent or try an item. This is so you can be sure it’s right for you.

Other costs we fund: rental, delivery, repairs and set up costs

When we fund assistive technology, we usually also provide funding for other associated items. This includes:

  • assistive technology rental
  • assistive technology trials to try the item before buying it
  • delivery costs to your home, or where you use the items
  • set up costs of assistive technology
  • maintenance of the assistive technology
  • repairs due to regular wear and tear or accidental damage not covered by insurance.

You can learn more about how we fund these other costs:

How can you get funding to set up or trial new assistive technology?

If we fund new assistive technology in your plan, we’ll also fund costs for delivery. We’ll also include funds for your therapist or assistive technology provider to help set it up if this is needed.

You can tell us how much this will cost from a quote. Or, we can estimate this for you if the supplier hasn’t included this cost in the quote. To do this we’ll use the Assistive Technology – Guide for minor trial and rental funding (DOCX 65KB) .

We’ll include funding to trial high cost assistive technology if you need it. For short trials like a one hour session, we include this funding in the Core – Consumables budget.

For longer trials, we include funding in the Capital – Assistive Technology budget.

How can you get funds to rent assistive technology?

Sometimes it may be better to rent assistive technology, rather than buy it. We may include funding in your plan to rent assistive technology if:

  • you can’t use your regular assistive technology at any time
  • you can’t use your current assistive technology anymore, and you’re waiting on new items to come in
  • you’ve left hospital with assistive technology, and you’re waiting for an assessment on your long term needs
  • you need new high cost assistive technology, but you need to trial some options as part of the assessment
  • it’s better than buying the assistive technology – if your needs are likely to change.

For example, we may consider that renting assistive technology is better value for money for a child. This is because the child is likely to outgrow the technology within a short period of time.

We’ll put funding for rental of supports in your Capital – Assistive Technology budget.

You can give us information on the cost of minor trial or rental, like a quote or information from your assistive technology assessor. If you don’t have this information, we may use the fact sheet Assistive Technology – Guide for minor trial and rental funding (DOCX 80KB) . This will help us work out the right amount of funding to add to your plan.

If you use supports that will cost more than $1,500 to rent in a year, we’ll include quote required rental funding. This means we need a quote to approve the funds you need. For example, if you need to rent a range of bathroom assistive technology (costing around $250 per week) while you’re waiting to have bathroom modifications completed, you would need a quote if you expect to need the items for longer than 6 weeks.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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