How do plan reviews work?

Usually, we’ll do a plan review either in person or over the phone. It depends on what suits you best. You can ask a family member, friend, advocate or other support person to be involved in your plan review.

During a plan review, we also check to see if you’re still eligible for the NDIS. We call this process an eligibility reassessment. This is a normal part of the plan review.

Learn more about when you’re no longer eligible for the NDIS .

How can you prepare for your plan review?

We have some guides you can use to help you prepare for your plan review. Check out Booklet 3 – Using Your NDIS Plan or Preparing for your plan review . You can also check out our pages on Supports you can access and Would we fund it.

Before your plan review, you need to gather any assessments, reports and other information to help us create your new plan. But if you just want to change who manages your funding, you probably won’t need assessments or reports.

You might have this information yourself. Or you might need to get it from a support coordinator or provider.

If you have a support coordinator or specialist support coordinator , we’ll need a report from them. The report should tell us how your supports are meeting your needs and helping you pursue your goals.

For children younger than 7, we have an Early Childhood provider report form (DOCX 96KB) . Providers should complete this form to tell us about the supports the child has had. The form shows the information we need, such as:

  • what services were provided, and who provided them
  • a progress update including what stage the child has got to
  • future recommendations.
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13 September 2021
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