How do we manage the financial sustainability of the NDIS?

The NDIS is an insurance scheme, and one of our core functions is to manage the financial sustainability of the Scheme. 

When we make decisions about the supports we fund in your plan, we must also consider our need to ensure the financial sustainability of the NDIS. This means we must work within our funding budget, set through agreements between the Australian, and State and Territory governments.

It’s also important to know the NDIS is only one part of the broader National Disability Strategy that supports people living with disability. The overall success and sustainability of the National Disability Strategy relies on:

  • people accessing their informal support network to get the help they need from day to day
  • people using their personal income to pay for their day to day living expenses, as is expected of all Australians
  • mainstream and community services being available from state and territory governments, and other federal government programs such as Medicare
  • a fair distribution of NDIS supports to those who need them, provided within our funding budget.

Staying within our budget ensures the NDIS will be here to support generations of Australians and their families.

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20 April 2021
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