We do not fund a support if: 

  • it is likely to cause harm to you or others 
  • it is not related to your disability 
  • it duplicates other supports delivered by the NDIS 
  • it is considered a day-to-day living cost (for example, rent, groceries or utility costs like your water bill) that are not attributable or caused by your disability support needs 
  • providing the support would be against the law 
  • it consists of income replacement 
  • it is the responsibility of other service systems to provide (for example, your state government, the education system, or the health system). These different systems have different responsibilities, and are designed to complement each other to form a government safety net. Like all Australians, NDIS participants continue to have access to these systems. We can’t fund a support if it’s the responsibility of another service.
This page current as of
20 April 2021
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