If your situation changes while waiting for an internal review, contact us .

An internal review checks if we made the right decision under the law.

If we’re reviewing a decision about your plan, we look at your situation and disability support needs at the time of our original decision to approve your plan. This means we don’t consider your new support needs and situation as part of the internal review.

If your situation or support needs have changed since our original decision to approve your plan, you may need a plan review. Depending on your situation, we may decide to do an agency-initiated plan review.  You can also ask for a participant-requested plan review. 

We’ll let you know what options are available for your situation, and how this might affect your plan and your internal review.

If we decide to do a plan review, we’ll consider your new situation and new support needs, and decide what supports to include in a new plan. In some situations, we may approve the same supports as your previous plan.

Learn more about internal reviews.

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13 September 2021
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