Can you apply to the NDIS if you’re involved in the justice system?

Yes, you have the same rights as all Australians to:

  • apply to become an NDIS participant
  • stay an NDIS participant.

You can apply to the NDIS at any time. We’ll assess your application in the same way we assess all applications.

If you’re in custody, you should apply long before your possible release date. That way if you’re eligible, we might be able to fund the NDIS supports you need to prepare for your release.

If you don’t have much time before your possible release date from custody, we may be able to assess your application faster than our usual timeframes . Learn more about how we decide if you’re eligible in urgent circumstances .

The supports you get through the justice system can help you with the information you need to prepare and submit your application.

If you’re already a participant and go into the justice system, you will remain as a participant. Your current plan will stay in place until we reassess your plan. Learn more about how we create and reassess your plan if you’re involved in the justice system.

This page current as of
28 June 2022
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