What if you're transitioning to the NDIS in Western Australia

The federal and Western Australian governments made a commitment for people receiving supports before becoming a participant in the NDIS.

They committed that you shouldn’t be disadvantaged by your transition to the NDIS. We call this the ‘principle of no disadvantage’.

When we create your plan, we must use our best endeavours to follow government agreements.  This doesn’t mean you’ll always have the same level of funding, or that you’ll get supports in the same way.

All supports we fund must meet all the NDIS funding criteria. So we may not be able to fund supports you received before the NDIS, if they don’t meet the funding criteria.

If we can’t fund those supports, we’ll see how we can help you meet the same outcomes as you did before the NDIS.

This may mean we include other supports in your plan that address your disability support needs and help you pursue your goals. Or, we could help you connect with other government services that can provide the supports you received before the NDIS.

When we create your plan, we consider whether or not you’re disadvantaged overall by joining the NDIS.

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20 April 2021
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