What supports can you get

When we create your plan with you, we’ll discuss what supports you need for your disability. We want to help you pursue your goals, increase your independence, and help you work, study and join social activities.

There are many supports you can get outside the NDIS. Other government and community services provide supports to all Australians, including people with disability. And your friends, family, and other people you know can often be your best supports.

We can fund supports you need for your disability, if they meet certain criteria. These are called ‘reasonable and necessary supports’. Your plan and supports will be just for you, so you have more choice and control over how you use them.

This guideline explains how we decide what reasonable and necessary supports we’ll include in your plan. There are lots of things we have to consider, which we’ll explain in detail.

We also have a Would we fund it guide. It has examples of how we decide whether we fund different types of NDIS supports.

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20 April 2021
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