While we need to consider your individual circumstances and disability needs, we also need to make consistent decisions and treat people fairly.

This means participants with similar circumstances and disability needs should receive similar amounts of supports in their plans. We also need to ensure the total cost of all participant plans are within the overall NDIS budget set by governments.

Each support in your plan must be reasonable and necessary. They also need to be reasonable and necessary as a package of supports. We approve your whole plan, not the individual supports in your plan in isolation.  Information about what supports we’d usually include in your plan helps guide this process.

This information also helps to guide the consistency of our decision-making process. We use it to check your overall plan and make sure all your supports make sense together. We’ll check your support types and amounts will complement each other to help you fulfil an ordinary life.

We may then increase or decrease the funding in your plan based on:

  • information you share with us
  • any reports or other information we have
  • applying the NDIS funding criteria.

This helps keep the system fair for everyone, and ensure we remain financially sustainable.

This page current as of
27 October 2023
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