We only fund supports that will be, or are likely to be, effective and beneficial for you, having regard to current good practice. This means we consider if there is evidence that the support is effective and beneficial for someone with similar disability support needs.

We will consider different types of evidence when making decisions and we won’t need an expert report for every support, as we can often rely on other information or evidence.

For example, we may already have information about whether the support is widely accepted to suit someone with your disability support needs. The primary source of evidence we rely on, and give the greatest weight to, is evidence from sources that are reliable and widely-recognised. This includes published and refereed literature, and any consensus of expert opinions. If there is no evidence to show a support is reasonable and necessary, we won’t fund the support.

You can find the types of evidence we need on our website , and in the Our Guidelines.

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20 April 2021
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