If it’s not your first plan, we also consider how well the supports funded in your previous plans worked for you.

This means we’ll ask about how your current plan has worked for you. We look at the supports in your current plan and see whether any changes need to be made to these to help you pursue your goals in your next plan.

This will help us decide whether these supports continue to meet your needs and the NDIS funding criteria.

Learn more about changing your plan.

How do we use the information we have to work out what reasonable and necessary supports to fund?

We consider all the information we have gathered to decide what reasonable and necessary supports to fund in your plan.

We use the information you give us and follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Identify and describe the supports to be considered. The support will be described either generally (known as ‘flexible’ funding for supports) or specifically (known as ‘stated supports’ or ‘fixed’ supports). 
  • Step 2: Work out if the support identified and described meets the NDIS funding criteria.
  • Step 3: We include the supports that meet the NDIS funding criteria in your plan.

When we approve your plan we make sure all your supports meet the NDIS funding criteria individually and as a package of supports. 

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27 October 2023
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